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Terminators Pest Management Green Program

We would to unveil our Green Program designed for your home or business. Here’s how Terminators will perform service for you.    

2.WE  WILL EDUCATE         

INSPECTION:  We will perform a thorough inspection of your property to achieve the following: identifying the pest and locating the origin of the pest infestations locate conducive conditions causing the pest problem (ex. Gaps under doors, holes in walls, leaks, and sanitation issues etc.)
EDUCATE:  We will educate you on our findings in your premises giving you a brief education on the pest(s) found (breeding conditions, habits, insect biology) point out any conducive conditions. (This is very important to you because it ties in directly with the result of the service). We can apply all the material we want, but the pest problem will not go away until ANY and ALL conducive conditions are corrected. Only after these two steps have been taken can we develop a treatment plan that will work for you.
TREATMENT:   Our treatment plans are specific to the customer we are servicing. Each consumer and property are different, therefore each treatment plan and approach will differ. We at Terminators Pest Management offer a variety of environmentally friendly products to be used, such as: organic (NATURAL PESTICIDES) mineral based products such as Borates and Boric Acid based materials, Natural oil based materials such as peppermint and linseed oil products. We will provide labels of all materials used in your premises.

The purpose of our three step program is to focus more attention on the CAUSE of your problem pest problem (conducive conductions) and CORRECTING those issues. Doing this will reduce the amount of materials we have to use on your property (PROTECTING ENVIROMENT) and will go a long way towards ELIMINATING pests as opposed to controlling pest.
A good pest control company realizes that a true (GREEN PROGRAM) does not offer treatment as the first option. You must have a “THREE” step process which will incorporate  Integrated Pest Management. The reason this process is the most effective, is because it gets to the root of the problem, and also helps to reduce the amount of material that has to be used (AGAIN HELPING ENVIROMENT) so the benefit is twofold. Finally, an educated consumer is considered an asset to us. If you are informed from the beginning of the service of all the steps involved, you will more likely develop a lasting relationship with that company. That is what Terminators Pest Management are all about.

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